James Bond might have made his method of martini a celebrity in and of itself, but buried within the mythology of the 007 universe is an alternative fact: Bond’s other favourite drink. A whisky. Not just any whisky, either, but a 50-year-old single malt from the Speyside whisky maker, The Macallan.

James Bond, The Macallan, whisky

Which makes the distiller perfectly placed to be the house to create an anniversary collection of whisky in honour of 60 years since Bond since Bond arrived on the silver screen.

Commemorating the diamond anniversary of Ian Fleming’s gentleman spy, first played by Sir Sean Connery in the 1962 Dr. No, The Macallan has launched six limited edition bottles containing a single malt whisky in each in a unique pack. These packs feature an original illustrative design and colour to represent a particular decade of Bond.

The packaging also brings to life the creative development process of the films in a behind the scenes exploration of the James Bond archives.

Discussing the connection to one of the memorable literary characters of the modern era, Global Creative Director for The Macallan, Jaume Ferras, says that “James Bond celebrates its 60th anniversary, making it the longest running and one of the most loved franchises in the world of entertainment, comprising 25 films over six decades and six lead actors over time.

James Bond, The Macallan, Whisky

“The Macallan is James Bond’s whisky of choice and as two renowned global brands, we share many synergies, most notably as modern innovators linked by our Scottish heritage.”

The single malt that rests within these time capsules was created by Kirsteen Campbell, Master Whisky Maker for Macallan. The expression reflects the enduring character of James Bond himself: smooth, sophisticated, complex. The ABV itself is also a nod to the spy, a 43.7 percent consistent across six packs in the collection, that recalls his call number 007.

The martini might have been his most famous drink but Bond favourite drink was indeed a whisky.

Tasting notes for the dram include orange zest and fizzy sherbet with a lemon freshness, gentle oak and subtle ginger spice, leading into a deep dark chocolate, figs and baked apple tart with a honey drizzle while the nose is treated to aromas of lemon and lime, sweet vanilla and coconut and a hint of dry fig and raisin.

The Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Release is available online now.