One of the easiest tricks in the book to looking better is simply by adding a pair of sunglasses. Truly.

Not just in the sense of hiding a big one the night before, but also in the way they can amplify all the right angles and planes of your features.

Then there’s the debonaire air of mystery they can provide, the movie star effect that can transform you from a Steve Buscemi into a Steve McQueen. No offence to Steve Buscemi.

But as far as the biggest trends in men’s sunglasses are concerned – make it genderless, make it sustainable.

As unisex fashion continues to grow, men’s sunglasses have also become much more diverse in their offering. Traditionally feminine shapes have slowly made their way into the ranks of younger lads keen for eyewear with an edge.

Shapes are becoming more streamlined, with narrower features and tinted lens. It’s a style that recalls the eyewear worn by ’90s ravers.

This push for sunnies that eschew the notion of “male” and “female” leads into the second eyewear trend that has grown over the last few months which is to use upcycled or recycled materials.

Szade Mabo in Elysium Black. Price: $79.99.

Australian brand Szade has become a cult hit for their chunky takes on classic shapes, all made using upcycled materials that would have been dumped into various landfills.

The Melbourne-based brand has also achieved the green tick of approval, certified by the global authority on sustainable goods The Global Recycling Standard (GRS).

Take a look below at some of our favourite pairs of sunglasses to kick off the year in.

Balenciaga metal rectangle sunglasses. Price: $1010

Demna’s penchant for the glory days of underground dance parties and skate scene has found its natural home at Balenciaga. These metal frame sunglasses are a reminder of the time when we would need sunglasses that could transition from night to day, and not the other way around.

Moscot Lemtosh Limited Australian Anniversary Edition. Image: Proper Goods.

Moscot is one of the biggest names in eyewear, and a big favourite in the Australian eyewear scene. Classic, comfortable frames made with the highest quality materials guarantee a pair of sunnies for life. To celebrate 12 years of love from the Australian population, Moscot released a limited edition version of their iconic Lemtosh in a once-off matte tortoise finish. Moscot.

Gucci Aviator. Price: $815. Image: Gucci.

Take the classic aviator silhouette and exaggerate it to the point it resembles a Salvador Dali painting. Gucci’s aesthetic is well entrenched in making the old new again – their last show a celebration of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Beautifully detailed, the balance between subtle touch and flamboyant finish is just right. From Gucci.

Pacifico Optical Lucius in Tuscan Green. $215. Image: Pacifico Optical

There’s a reason why Bondi-based brand Pacifico has become one of the popular Australian eyewear brands in a very fast amount of time: they look incredible. Hand-crafted in Italy, the Lucius frames are a perfect all-rounder for every face shape and while every colour looks good, the Tuscan green is a particular favourite. Available from Pacifico Optical.

Saint Laurent SL 467 Frames. Price: $605. From Saint Laurent.

Anthony Vaccarello has been pushing for a more feline, rock and roll approach to menswear since he stepped into his role at Saint Laurent. It’s a chic, streamlined aesthetic that brings the vision of Yves – glamour, elegant yet with an edginess ahead of his years – into the modern day. Minimalist in finish yet with an innate flourish, the SL 467 is a modern classic.