Paris Brosnan for Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger has been in the industry long enough to see every trend come, go, and come again but what remains eternal is classic style.

This underlying truth is the inspiration for the new Spring 2023 campaign, Classics Reborn, which draws on the brand’s own classic garments and the way that these are worn, remixed re-interpreted by the wearer to create a sense of style as unique as a fingerprint.

Shot by Gregory Harris, Classics Reborn takes Hilfiger back to where it all began: a collection that reinvents Hilfiger’s signature prep pieces worn by a new cast of characters that include Georgia May Jagger and brothers Paris and Dylan Brosnan. Yes, 007’s sons.

Dylan Brosnan. Image: Tommy Hilfiger.

Hilfiger has been riding the wave of the classic prep revival for some time now as demand for clothing that exists outside a time-sensitive cycle increases.

Even as luxury fashion houses fall prey to the pace set by fast fashion brands – some are pumping out anywhere up to six collections a year once you take into account collabs and pre-season collections – younger generations of buyers are becoming savvy to the marketing pushes to buy more and are focusing instead on buying clothes that can be adapted.

Inside the Tommy Hilfiger archives.

Classics Reborn hones in on the mutability of Hilfiger’s timeless pieces. Chunky knits, varsity jackets and crisp Oxford shirts become the building blocks alongside Hilfiger’s signature denim to create a wardrobe that is functional and aesthetically versatile.