Bulgari 2021 Holiday Campaign

If George Michael’s festive hit had gone “…last Christmas I gave you a-rose-gold-and-black-ceramic-Bulgari-B.zero1-eternity-ring” would the next line have still been “…but the very next day you gave it away”?

When it comes to materially expressing the love you have for another human, surprise decadence goes a long way. Not only does bestowing such premium beauty beam euphoria into the heart of the receiver, but any item marked #notfromthemall remains treasured forever.

This type of exquisite gifting also establishes its own Yuletide. It doesn’t sit akin to the be-cellophaned gift baskets sold at chemist counters and it levitates above the chaos of your bon-bon-snapping, trifle-scooping, Nerf-gun-shooting Christmas normale. Gifting fine accoutrement, particularly in the form of precious Bulgari jewellery, stamps a moment in time. In fact, it makes for a sled-stopping, bauble-bursting, mistletoe-dropping present to remember.

And while adoration is, of course, not the motivation behind offering your significant other a piece of decor history, it is one heck of a trimming. When Aunt Yvonne grabs your partner’s wrist, looks at you, looks back at the B.zero1 Bracelet, then looks at Uncle Steven who’s nevergivenheranythinglikethatdammit you’re entitled to your pride. Or when your chinzy cousin Pete surrenders his Gucci Santa hat in honour of the spectacular B.Zero1 Rock Pendant Necklace that just entered the chat, your satisfaction is justified. Or when Great Grandma asks if that incredible rose gold B.zero1 Ring means you’re finally getting hitched just laugh loudly and move the conversation on.

Alternatively (or additionally?), don’t be shy to slip one of these extraordinary items into your own Advent Calendar. Why shouldn’t this be the season you finally receive the Bvlgari Aluminium Watch of your dreams as a gift “from me to me”? If there was ever a year we deserve to emancipate ourselves from limitation, then this is it.

The artisanal history of Bulgari reads of more than 130 years of design articulation. The luxury maison not only hosts a heritage that spans the Dolce Vita era of the 50’s, the grandeur of decades of Cannes and Oscars red carpets and the likes of everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn, but they’ve secured a modernity that includes superstar fans in Zendaya and Rihanna and a continual passion for inspired future collections.

Here are the four pieces we’re clearing the chimney for this year…



A timepiece set for wristwatch stardom, this unique style is, ironically, timeless. Crafted from robust aluminium and titanium with a black rubber bezel and slick BVLGARI engraving, this automatic winding watch is one to wear (and show off) forever.


As a flagship of the Bulgari family, this iconic cylindrical ring was first designed to reflect and pay homage to the enduring architecture of the Roman Colosseum. It’s one of the most worshipped pieces in jewellery history, and this iteration in rose gold and black ceramic is both sensationally modern and beautifully classic.


In sequence with the B.zero1 Ring, the Rock pendant in rose gold is now forging its own place as the design mode. Wearing a ring with a neck-piece has become a precocious, tenacious fashion statement, one to be worn as an extension (read: escalation) of your daily look.


As part of the B.zero1 family, this bracelet is equally superior in design and craftsmanship. Engineered from superb rose gold and patent black ceramic, its infinity bangle shape as well as its fine clasp and delicate, conspicuous engraving makes this a most spectacular gift.