Everyone’s favourite trainspotter on TikTok and pure soul Francis Bourgeois has joined the Gucci gang.

Well, to be specific, he joined the second chapter of The North Face x Gucci collaboration in a campaign featured on luxe streetwear retailer High Snobiety.

The human embodiment of a happiness emoji appears as a station guard – naturally – calling the arrival of a train that will take a shiny crew of young adventurers all wearing The North Face x Gucci kit  – again, naturally – onto their outdoor adventure.

It’s a fun little plug and a great side hustle for the student engineer – heaven knows studying in the UK is bloody expensive – but sometimes I do wonder if we can’t just let us have ONE thing that doesn’t end up sporting a logo.

But this appearance on the site doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Over the past 12 months, the 21-year-old Bourgeois has been delighting audiences on TikTok with his buoyant joy for “magnificent locos” and their “great tones”.

While folks were originally a tad sceptical at first (myself included – and not in a milkshake duck kind of way but a Charity Shop Sue method acting kind of way) it’s become pretty clear that Bourgeois is sincerely, truly really into his trains.

And this enthusiasm has caught on in an audience craving the authenticity and purity of Bourgeois’ passion.

The Londoner has increasingly garnered attention from news outlets and media platforms and recently was joined by a handful of celebrities including one Joe Jonas.

His British wife, Sophie, must have been a fan.

Granted, of all the brands that FB would be suited for, The North Face is definitely up there and hopefully Bourgeois got some decent kit out of it too, along with enough money to keep doing what he loves.