It is known as the city that never sleeps but on Saturday night the island of Manhattan was plunged into an eery darkness. Times Square was reduced to blank billboards, the Subway was at a standstill and even Jennifer Lopez’s Maddison Square Garden concert left fans in the dark. It was strangely reminiscent to The Day After Tomorrow or a scene from Stranger Things and naturally, chaos ensued.

Reportedly due to a problem at a substation, roughly 73,000 people were left without power and for three hours at that. In an odd set of circumstances, the same issue occurred 42 years ago to the day but in true New Yorker style – or rather in an era of social media – the entire event was captured on camera. Twitter immediately blew up with spectacular images as well as humorous memes to pass the time and while many concerts and shows across the city were cancelled, the festivities were taken to the streets. Elsewhere, the resilience of the city was apparent with residents assisting in directing traffic before the power to traffic lights returned.

As the sun set over the area, its tall towers usually glittering with lights remained black and formed a bold city scape while on the ground small beacons of lights from cars, torches and sirens depicted another scene. The city is sweltering through it usual sticky summer and relief was felt when the lights as well as the all-important aircon flickered back on just after 10:30pm.