Since his early album release in 2011, Tyler, the Creator has been churning out the beats at a two-year rate and this week the 28-year-old announced his fifth studio release. Amidst the growing rumours, the 28-year-old announced that IGOR would launch next week. Serving as a follow up to his 2017 release Flower Boy, fans have received a list of teasers as to what the album may include.

Set to drop on May 17, the American rapper revealed two album artworks with one being a vinyl-exclusive. In particular, the illustrated cover has captured headlines around the world as artist Lewis Rossignol suffers from tourette’s syndrome. A neurological disorder than can be debilitating to someone’s life, the creative opened up to Highsnobiety about how Tyler reached out to him.

For the illustrator, art is a way to calm his symptoms and has propelled his already massive following to over 100,000 users. Speaking to the publication he explained how the collaboration came about.

“I think it was Saturday that he messaged me and said, basically, do you mind if I use this portrait you did of me for my album cover? So I didn’t know it was going to be his album cover until about 48 hours before he announced it.”

Looking to the music, a track list hasn’t been released though we’ve been served some teasers via his Youtube channel. The first clip dropped May 1 is titled ‘IGOR’S THEME’, while the second on May 3 is called ‘WHATSGOOD’. Both boast a slightly flamboyant aesthetic which is known to be used by the Grammy-nominated artist in the past. He tends to produce between 13 to 15 songs per album so we can expect that volume for the new release. Guest appearances have not been mentioned but after working with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Frank Ocean in the past, it is almost a given.

As well as his extensive resumé of music, Tyler is also a celebrated designer with his own streetwear label Golf Wang and boasts a line of impressive collaborations which have included the likes of Converse.

The IGOR album will release May 17.