It’s been an impressive start to 2022 for Cartier. But did we really expect any less? The brand’s unveilings at this year’s Watches & Wonders have been anything but ordinary. We were greeted by bold, fierce and elegant updates to brand faithfuls, interpreted in a way that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Naturally, the theme of this year’s collection release was time. Not just how we measure it but what we make of it; how it is filled and how it is represented. This bold, philosophical vision drives the Maison’s new collections into an area that can be appreciated by an array of people, young and old.

Cartier’s new horological creations are works of art, taking hues from its storied past but paving a way for a bright and exciting future. The new collection is wholesome, and we can’t get enough of it.

Here are some of our favourite new releases from Cartier for 2022.


Ah, the classic Tank. Arguably the most popular collection from Cartier, and definitely one of its most significant to date. This year, you will be pleased to know that the new array of Tank iterations are exceptional, through and through.

From the new, contemporary Tank Must, to the elegant Tank Louis Cartier, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better entry into a watch brand of the calibre of Cartier.

The Tank Louis Cartier – the quintessential Tank first created in 1917 – displays a radical elegance, buoyed by the intensity of the monochrome dials: expect red – a signature of the Maison – anthracite grey, and a deep black dial. Look closely and you’ll see the craftsmanship of the respective dials. The graphic pattern hails from the 1980s and utilises unique design techniques. There is a lacquer for the red dial and a galvanised finish for the grey dial, with both dials then enhanced with a glossy, multi-layered decal that accentuates the Roman numerals. This electro-chemical engraving used on the dials is a first for the watchmaking industry.

Embodying the spirit of the 1970s and 80s, the Tank Must was fully redesigned in 2021 for a minimalist interpretation of the original Tank Louis Cartier.  The new all-black dial is timeless, understated yet modern.



The widely-popular Santos-Dumont collection adds three new versions to its repertoire in 2022. Three lacquer watches are presented, each elevating the style and spirit that pays homage to Alberto Santos-Dumont.

At first glance, the Santos-Dumont are clearly a watchmaking feat; stylish, elegant and proportionally perfect. On wrist, you’ll completely fall in love. The new pink-gold Santos-Dumont is simply breathtaking, with its white lacquered bezel. The platinum – and entry-level – model in all black is appropriate for the modern man, while the red edition is simply stunning. More than just a regular steel-cased dress watch, look closely and you’ll see the pattern of concentric squares receding into the centre of each dial, drawing you in into what seems like a never-ending gaze.

A definite highlight of Watches & Wonders for the team.

Coussin De Cartier

Causing a sensation within the new Cartier releases is the Coussin De Cartier; an elegant timepiece made for evening wear that is inspired by the clouds. This watch is made up of gold links that intertwine to weave a grid pattern in which Cartier has integrated an innovative element – the case is able to deform and retract, much like pressing a cushion down to watch it return to its original shape.

The Coussin watch is sensory on all levels, and rightly so. Beyond the sense of touch, the sight of diamonds and coloured stones, such as the white gold model set with 1,011 brilliant-cut diamonds on the case and dial, is simply exquisite.


Cartier Coussin

Pasha de Cartier 

A one-of-a-kind style that is has graced the Cartier catalogue since 1985, the Pasha De Cartier set the benchmark for eclectic watch styles to exist – and thrive – in the industry at the time.

Now, in 2022, the Pasha de Cartier Grille – which is a removable design feature – takes centre stage once again. This powerful design cue adds a unique disposition to this truly classic timepiece.


Cartier Privé – Tank Chinoise 

The Cartier Privé collection celebrates Cartier’s most iconic models through limited edition – and rare – numbered watches. Introducing the new Tank Chinoise, which marks the sixth chapter of Cartier Privé. The new collection Chinoise offers three models with a skeletonised movement within its rectangular dial, inspired by Chinese savoir-faire. The black and red lacquer, coupled with the 9627 MC skeleton movement, is visually stunning.

Then there is the more conservative – yet equally exceptional – new Tank Chinoise (which Jake Gyllenhaal debuted at this year’s Oscars), offered in yellow gold, platinum and rose gold, which pays tribute to the architecture of Chinese temples, specifically its windows.


Masse Mystérieuse

A sight to behold, the new Masse Mystérieuse offers the perfect example of Cartier’s finest watchmaking. A spectacular watch that was the talk of Watches & Wonders thanks to its magic-like mobile calibre condensed into a semi-circle, all of which is transformed into a skeletonised oscillating weight. Eight years in the making thanks to the dedicated team at the Cartier Manufacture, it was here that the Masse Mystérieuse was designed, developed, manufactured and assembled.Cartier Masse Mystérieuse