You might not be familiar with Jenna Ortega, but soon the 20-year-old actress will become a household name thanks to the wildly-popular new Netflix comedy-horror, Wednesday. The streaming platform centres the young actress as the lead protagonist, Wednesday, which ties into a new Addams Family reboot that has long been on the cards.

And thus far, Wednesday has dominated the Netflix Top 10 charts with over 341 million hours viewed since the series aired on November 23. The wild stat sets a new record for the streaming platform, with the comedy-horror surpassing Stranger Things which previously held the record with 335.01 million hours watched in early June. Netflix’s data shows that more than 50 million households have watched the series since its premiere.

Wednesday really has it all; it’s the type of show that Netflix excels at, and perhaps the streaming giant has found its “new” Stranger Things, in a way. There’s humour, there’s darkness, there’s emotion (there’s that viral dance scene that’s making its way ferociously across social media platforms); it’s a series that will undoubtedly receive a second season.

Wednesday follows the titular character who is navigating her way through high school at the Nevermore Academy. It’s here Wednesday becomes chummy with other abnormal characters who later attempt to help her solve a murder mystery tied to the school. Of course, it’s not just Ortega’s acting prowess that makes the show. Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as the loveable Morticia, offering her own take on the wickedly-caring mother made famous by Carolyn Jones and Anjelica Huston, respectively. Then there’s Luis Guzmán who takes on the role of the charismatic Gomez Addams. Along with ‘IT’, ‘Uncle Fester’ and ‘Lurch’, the series really offers that nostalgia that a lot will be coming for, but is refreshingly new on this classic take.

You can stream the eight episodes of Wednesday on Netflix now. In other entertainment news, here’s everything new coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this December.