tech face mask

Carrying out your civic duty of wearing a face mask in public has never been so easy. In collaboration with beat master,, Honeywell has revealed an innovative new mask with an array of tech-infused features. Dubbed the XUPERMASK, you’ll never need to return to the disposable kind.

According to HYPEBEASTthe forthcoming release features a silicone face seal and an adjustable elastic strap. As for the tech-side, it boasts three dual-speed fans, a non-medical grade HEPA filter for breathability and built-in, noise cancelling headphones so you’ll never loose your airpods again when taking off your mask. The headphones also have microphone and bluetooth capabilities  as well as a magnetic earbud docking system.

“We created XUPERMASK to change the game of our new normal,” said in a press release.

A downside to the innovative face mask is the battery only lasts for seven hours, so be sure to charge it before you leave the house. It is available in two colourways – white/grey/orange and black/black/orange – and will release from April 8. You’ll have to sign up to gain access to the drop and it will cost you $299 USD (or approximately $392 AUD).

Last month, gaming brand Razer announced it would produce its own high-tech mask which reportedly features a detachable ventilator and wireless charger. Are these futuristic gadgets the way of the future?

Face masks have come a long way since the blue disposable that were sold out nearly everywhere in March, 2020, as has the homemade cotton iteration we were forced to make in lieu. While the XUPERMASK may be a little bulky to wear at the gym or on a morning jog, may we suggest the five best performance masks, here.