A not-for-profit organisation, New Story, is set to raise over $1 million to create over 100 3D printed homes to families in need and those displaced by natural disasters, working with Austin based robotics startup, Icon Build.

“We want to bring this to the families who need it the most,” CEO and cofounder Brett Hagler said.

The start up has developed a massive custom printer that is able to print houses, with New Story already using the technology to create the first home, unveiled at the SXSW festival in Austin. The Austin home has a generous three rooms — a main bedroom, a living room and a small office or child’s bedroom — along with a bathroom. The house was assembled in 48 hours by a giant 3D printer and is estimated to only cost $4,000 per house. The machine uses a concrete mix that hardens as it dries, and New Story says it is sturdier than regular concrete homes.

This is not the first time New Story has funded homes to those in need. Partnering with other organisations, New Story has brought homes to people across Haiti, El Salvador, Mexico and Bolivia since its launch in December 2014. Theses houses were made, using traditional techniques of brick and tin, but it is expected that printing homes will be far more efficient and cost effective.

“One organisation — as good as it is — can only do so much,” Hagler said. “We thought what about trying to focus more on research, development and innovation. We asked, ‘What if we could significantly decrease the cost and significantly increase speed [of building homes]?”.

You can sponsor a 3D home here.