We all remember that majestic scene from the film ‘The Beach’ in which a young Di Caprio flipped on his arrival at the incomparable Patong Beach in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. This exact scene of the film was accompanied by a soundtrack that we would never forget: ‘Porcelain’ by the great Moby.

A few days ago, the charismatic New York rapper A$AP Rocky presented his latest and unmissable contribution to hip-hop on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’. In a set which looked like a test lab, he played a medley of ‘A$AP Forever’ and ‘Distorted records’, two songs from his highly anticipated new album ‘TE$TING’ .

And what does the soundtrack of ‘La playa’ have to do with the new work of Pretty Flacko? Once again, the phenomenal rapper, producer, actor and director of music videos surprises us with by sampling Moby in his ‘A$AP Forever’. Its references to Goyard and Margiela, the memory of Yams or your choice of ‘Blonde’ Frank Ocean are the perfect prelude to Rocky being on loop this season.

In the clip, directed by Dexter Navy, the camera seems to roll like a ball. And with each turn, a new sequence and verse awaits. The fusion of images against each frame transports your mood somewhere else entirely.

A few weeks ago, through Instagram live, he gave us a piece of another song, Skepta, from ‘TE$TING’, which promises to blow up when it officially comes out. In the meantime, the hip-hop scene waits with eager anticipation for the next installment of the A$AP MOB. Great teaser, and by the way, thanks Moby.