Credit: Rodrigo Vaz / Getty Images

It was only just last week when Seinfeld star, Jerry Stiller, died aged 92. Before that was godfather of rock, Little Richard, and amongst the mourning for two entertainers it has also been revealed that Fred Willard passed away on Friday. Best known for his roles in the likes of Best in Show, Everybody Loves Raymond and Modern Family, he was also considered a comedic icon.

His daughter Hope Mulbarger, confirmed the news to CNN, saying “he died at the fantastic age of 86 years old” and “kept moving, work and making us happy until the very end.” In turn celebrity tributes have begun to flow, including from Steve Carrell, Ben Stiller and Jimmy Kimmel. Upcoming sitcom, Space Force will be Willard’s final role.

Watch his upcoming appearance in Space Force below. It will drop onto Netflix from May 29.