Activist and artist Ai Weiwei is known for using his platform to call on attention to the global refugee crisis and following his large-scale piece exploring the topic, Law of Journey (2017)the international award-winner has taken to the US for a new rendition. Displayed at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles, the work will also be accompanied by a range of past iconic works.

“Life Cycle” 2018. Credit: Marciano Art Foundation

Entitled “Life Cycle”, the new solo exhibition features a never-before-seen sculpture, created from traditional kite-making techniques. Constructed from bamboo and silk, the work continues on from Law of Journey while the large-scale installation sits amongst Windows (2015). Drawing inspiration from Chinese mythology, the tales and illustrations of the Shanhaijing, the history of 20th-century art, and the life and works of the artist, the work embodies a contemporary story.

“Sunflower Seeds” (2010) and “Spouts” (2015). Credit: Marciano Art Foundation

Sunflower Seeds (2010) composed of 49 tons of individual porcelain sunflower seeds, and Spouts (2015) which features an immense pile of antique teapot spouts dating back to the Song Dynasty (920-1279), is also on display.

The Ai Weiwei solo-exhibition is on view at the Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles until March 3, 2019. For more on information on the works, visit the gallery website.