Credit: Yeonsoo Kang / Behance

Before the time of smartwatches and phones, it was common to see people walking around sporting the old-school iPod. With no touch screen, push-buttons and later a low-quality video camera, it appears that nostalgia has us going back in time. Now, thanks to Korean designer Yeonsoo Kang for Caseology, you can transform your Series 4 Apple Watch into a hand-held device.

Currently still a concept, the case will allow the watch to seamlessly click into place complete with a scroll wheel. Sadly, at this stage it is not functional, but all buttons to the watch are accessible and will allow you to use the screen fully.

Completed with BYO Apple Air Pods you could have a wireless, modern day iPod.

While it is not yet available, Kang spoke to Gizmodosuggesting it is set to drop soon. Stay tuned.