Credit: Sotheby’s

The last two years for elusive street artist Banksy have been interesting. While October 2018 saw his The Girl and Balloon painting half-shredded in an elaborate plan which consequently failed, sort of, just 12 months later and Banksy is once again in the headlines for another history-making moment. Smashing his previous work of $1.9 million USD for his stencilling over a Damien Hirst piece, his decade-old ‘Devolved Parliament’ piece was auctioned off for a huge $12.1 million overnight.

Above and beyond the $2 million price tag Sotheby’s had predicted, it just shows the growing influence of the mysterious creative. Previously entitled ‘Question Time’, the 13-foot canvas depicts monkey’s posing as politicians in the House of Commons and is the largest piece by the artist. The work was initially unveiled as part of the Banksy vs. Bristol Museum exhibition in 2009 and has since been reworked and retitled – paying homage to the state of the political and Brexit climate in the UK.

Sotheby’s reported the bidding took place among 10 determined collectors in a 13 minute “battle.” Congratulations goes to Banksy and the unknown collector.

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