As winter gets lost and the weather begins to shift towards something more suited to being outdoors again it also means leaving behind those heavier fragrances in favour of something lighter for spring.

Once upon a time this would have meant endless variations of the traditional cologne citrus. But brands – both commercial and independent – have started to venture away from the classics. Ginger, tuberose, carnation and mint have all been used to create modern adaptations of fresh and uplifting scents.

Check out our top eight for spring, ranging from the brand new to several hidden heroes, to get you through the new season.

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Geranium Pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. $420. SHOP NOW

Geranium Pour Monsieur is an exercise in cerebral perfumery. While some might struggle to get past the minty top notes but once you do… The sweetness of geranium is offset by more herbaceous notes of anise and cloves that prevent it from veering off into confectionary territory. As invigorating as a cold shower while camping.

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Santal Sohar by Amouage. $759. SHOP NOW

Amouage’s reintroduction of the traditional attar has been a brilliant expansion of the brand’s expertise and heritage. The latest addition, Santal Sohar, blends two of perfumery’s most prized notes – rose and sandalwood – with a burst of basil in the top. The result is a powdery green accord that evolves into a subtle, soothing dry down.

Bulgari, Rain Essence

Bulgari Man: Rain Essence by Bulgari. $210. SHOP NOW

What could be fresher than the smell of rain in the spring? This is the exact mood, or aroma, captured by the new Bulgari scent for men: Bulgari Man: Rain Essence created by Alberto Morillas. Notes of green tea, orange and a white lotus accord deliver a subtle, clean sophisticated fragrance.


Goldfield & Banks, perfumeIngenious Ginger by Goldfield & Banks. $239. SHOP NOW

Australian brand Goldfield & Banks has been introducing the beauty of native botanicals to the rest of the world for several years now. It’s latest creation highlights the beauty of a local species of ginger, the red back ginger, and created an effervescent scent around this plant with sparkling citrus and magnolia notes.

WA:IT, Hito

Hito Eau de Parfum By WA:IT. $253. SHOP NOW

A blend of two aesthetics, Italy and Japan, WA:IT’s Hito balances the brightness of citrus with fresh floral notes to create something that smells surprisingly tranquil. It smells like meditating in a garden while someone squeezes fresh orange juice in the distance. Perfect as a post-gym scent instead of the “sport” colognes.

Chanel Allure Blanche

Allure Édition Blanche by Chanel. $200. SHOP NOW

The little brother of Chanel’s best selling Allure fragrance, Édition Blanche is a hidden gem in the Allure line-up. It’s notes of vanilla, sandalwood, tonka and lemon mix to create a fascinating illusion of the smell of white chocolate, making for a delightfully fresh interpretation of a gourmand.


Tonic Water by Mizinsir. $299. SHOP NOW

Sand, surf, the distant smell of drift wood inspire this fragrance by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Tonic Water is a tonic to the cool weather and warm weather both: refreshing, uplifting yet cooling all at once. A hint of incense rounds this out to create a truly subtle yet complex fragrances. Five stars.