Credit: Bugatti

110 years in the automotive industry and it can be argued that amongst the likes of Renault and Peugeot, Bugatti is the greatest French carmaker in modern history. Slowly building its empire from 1909, Italian-born designer Ettore Bugatti based his prestigious industrial company off the backs of racing victories as well as beautiful designs.

Now, to celebrate more than a century in the industry, Bugatti has released an extremely limited-edition Chiron Sport 110 ans. Paying homage to not only the company but its home of France, the company has created a new rendition of its most famous model, emblazoning the car in a steel blue facade with accents of white, red and electric blue adorned across the spoiler, side mirrors and leather seats, reminiscent of the French flag.

As expected, behind the cool exterior comes some serious horsepower with the Chiron Sport. Created from a lightweight, carbon fibre body the “100 ans” boasts an impressive 1,103 kW W16 Engine, driving the car to a limited top speed of 420 km/h.

And the catch with the rare design? Bugatti has limited production to only 20 models. Priced at roughly $4.2 million AUD, it is not known how many cars have been purchased yet – if any. For more information on the Bugatti Chiron Sport, visit the official website here.