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Last night marked the New England Patriots’ sixth win in the Super Bowl championship. Captivating over 100 million viewers across the country and many more around the world, the annual football event was not like any other. Alas, the occasion was tarnished with murmurs of criticism and while a slew of our favourite celebrities turned up to support the Rams and Patriots, we couldn’t help but note who had boycotted the big game altogether.

If you’ve been following the NFL for at least the last six months than you would have heard of Colin Kaepernick. Sacrificing his career and reputation, Kaepernick took the knee in 2016 during the national anthem. Sparking debate both in American and abroad, this years Super Bowl was surrounded by #ImWithKap, with the likes of Zendaya, Cardi B and Shaun King all boycotting the event in support of the former quarterback. Rihanna was missing – however later spotted on a flight – and both NBA star LeBron James and Kevin Durant were sporting the no. 7 jersey in the lead up.

However, the Super Bowl must go on and despite controversy A-list fans still fronted up to see the kick-off. Conor McGregor was front and centre sporting a bold choice of colour, with Jaimie Foxx also amongst the chaos. Take a look below for the celebrities who did make an appearance.

Conor mcgregor


kevin hart

bryan greenberg

tyga and jeff bezos

rebel wilson