In partnership with liquor entrepreneur Marc Bushala, Bob Dylan has released ‘Heaven’s Door’ whiskey, a series of liquors.

To be launched this month, the whiskey line will feature a straight rye finished in French Vosges oak casks, a seven-year-old bourbon, and a “double-barrelled” whiskey.

“Dylan has these qualities that actually work well for a whiskey. He has great authenticity. He is a quintessential American. He does things the way he wants to do them. I think these are good attributes for a super-premium whiskey as well”, says his business partner Bushala.

Talking to the New York Times, the artist has this to say surrounding the partnership: “We both wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that, in their own way, tell a story. I’ve been travelling for decades, and I’ve been able to try some of the best spirits that the world of whiskey has to offer. This is great whiskey.”

In the initial release, the liquor will be based out of deconsecrated church in Tennessee and will only be available in Florida, California, Illinois, New York and Texas and Tennessee – so i’d book a trip to the states ASAP. Pending sales, they may extend production.

Poetic and somewhat serendipitous that most have sung (and drank while singing) Karaoke to Bob’s tunes and now his legacy will live on through liquor. For old time’s sake, reminisce below: