Jared Leto certainly likes a theme – himself. The Morbius actor has arrived at the Met Gala accompanied by Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele in matching…everything. The hair, the sunglasses, the clutches, the suits – even the attitude. And you best believe that it’s all Gucci.

Met Gala 2022, Jared Leto, Alessandro Michele, Gucci
Jared Leto brought his favourite accessory to the Met Gala – himself. Image: Getty.

The twinning two chose pale gold embroidered suits with black lapels for the evening – while not particularly tied to an era, they definitely fit the concept of gilded which, depending on your preferred version of interpretation, can mean either covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint or wealthy and privileged. Both of which Leto and Michele can claim to be tonight.

Met Gala 2022
It’s giving…Image: YouTube.

This isn’t the first time that Leto has taken a reflection to the Met Gala. Back in 2019, he turned heads when he arrived with his own decapitated head in his arms. Then, as now, the look was inspired by Gucci’s Milan fashion show where Michele debuted the headless look. Did someone say outfit repeater?

The mutual obsession between Leto and Gucci designer Michele has been a long-standing one, since 2015 when Leto became the face of the house’s pillar men’s fragrance Gucci Guilty. This has grown into an ongoing collaboration between the two, often resulting in the pair dressing in tandem and just as often appearing with Dakota Johnson, the third in their Gucci carpet trinity.

Met Gala, Jared Leto, Dakota Johnson, Alessandro Michele, Gucci
The Gucci Red Carpet Trinity: Jared Leto, Dakota Johnson, Alessandro Michele. Image: Getty

It hasn’t been the greatest start to the year for Leto – his most recent attempt at tapping into the current superhero film franchises, MCU’s Morbius, has been panned by both critics and fans of Marvel and the comic book antihero. Previously, his surreal outing as The Joker in Suicide Squad was given an equally cool reception. (To be fair, it was a unique interpretation but perhaps that was the issue: fans want what the fans know and comic fans are the worst.)

Hopefully tonight will be the turning of a new gold leaf for the 50-year-old actor.