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At age 30, Edmond Eisenberg has accomplished more than most men can only dream of doing in an entire lifetime. Fluent in several languages and five musical instruments, the businessman and son of vivacious entrepreneur José Eisenberg is the very embodiment of the ‘modern gentleman.’ Working alongside his father in Monaco and running one of the most successful family-owned beauty and grooming brands in Europe – EISENBERG Paris – Edmond’s sensibility to art, music, and culture makes him one of the most esteemed young individuals in Europe’s luxury sphere today.

In his immaculate office lined with original Dali and Modigliani works from his father’s personal art collection, ICON sat down with Edmond for an Australian exclusive to learn about his approach to business, to life in Monaco, and why he has his sights set on establishing EISENBERG Paris in the Australian market.

ICON: Can you explain your experience of working so closely with your father, or as some might say, having your father as your ‘boss’?
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Edmond Eisenberg: “Obviously from a hierarchy point of view my father is my ‘boss’, but I’m lucky that he is the parent one can only dream of. He’s my work and life mentor, and my best friend. He has always shared his values with me but given me a lot of independence to express myself through the brand in my own unique way. Despite having such a generation gap between us, we still exchange ideas and communicate openly about the direction of the brand.

As opposed to a commercial company, my father taught me that having a brand means having a soul, having values and having passion in what you do. We really approach our daily life with this mindset.”

ICON: Aside from your father, who are the people who have inspired you in your career?

EE: “Women. Well everyone really. Respect and humility are qualities I utterly believe in. I observe these qualities in people around me – people from different religions, different nationalities, different tiers of society – and I learn a lot by doing this. Of course, there are specific people who inspire me; Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and certain musicians from Chopin to John Mayer. But usually my inspiration comes from humble daily life experiences, from the street.”

ICON: In what ways had growing up in Monaco cultivated the values that you embody as a man today?

EE: “I absolutely love Monaco; it’s a wonderful place, but not particularly for the way people perceive it. When you think about Monaco you automatically think about Grand Prix, glamorous cars, yachts… but it’s so much more than that. It’s a wonderfully safe place and we are at the centre of Europe, so we have much cultural diversity here. Despite being such a small city with 32,000 inhabitants, we have opera, ballet, theatre, contemporary art and so on. As a human being, this had a great impact on me growing up, because I was exposed to so many cultures and therefore developed a very international perspective on life. Needless to say, though, the values I embody as a man come from my father, and not from Monaco specifically.”

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ICON: In your opinion, what are the qualities that constitute the ‘modern gentleman’ today?

EE: “Respect, first and foremost. That’s not even being a gentleman, that’s just being a human. One of the first lessons my father ever taught me was to greet a person in the street with the humblest job in the same way you would greet the President. You can have the best suit, or best car in the world, but all that is irrelevant if you can’t come back to your foundations by practicing respect and politeness. I think being cultured is also very important; that means simply being curious about the world and interested in your surroundings.”

ICON: Do you perceive a shift in the way men have approached fashion and grooming in the past few years?

EE: “Men have definitely become more aware of what they desire in terms of skincare, grooming and style. From face creams to suits and watches, there is so much variety available now. People are spoilt for choice. However, unlike fashion where a man might be able to mix and match pieces from different market levels, I don’t think it’s wise to pursue cheap skincare. Skincare requires a lot of research and development, and the best ingredients are associated with a certain price point.”

ICON: Why do you see Australia as being a potentially suitable market for Eisenberg Paris?

EE: “My father and I are fascinated by Australia. Despite the country’s geographical position, I have this impression that is has always been one of the most advanced countries in terms of health, sports and overall wellbeing. There’s this joy of life in Australia that many countries in Europe seem to have lost. I get a sense people appreciate every single day to its fullest.

The Australian consumer is very discerning when it comes to the quality and innovation in their products. The fact that we’re a family brand who was one of the first to employ biotechnology in harnessing the best properties of natural ingredients makes EISENBERG Paris a good fit for the Australian market I think.”

ICON: In your opinion, what is the definition of true luxury?

EE: “Health. Being at peace with oneself and those around you. Occasionally waking up without an alarm clock. “

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Words: Alexia Petsinis