Have a sook – Musk was booed after taking the stage at a Dave Chappelle show. Image: Getty.

Sometimes, the crowd just gets it right. Elon Musk – the man determined to turn Twitter into a cesspool of hate speech because his children hate him (seriously, they hate him) – just got booed into oblivion after he was brought onto the stage by fellow questionable person, comedian Dave Chappelle.

The incident occurred over the weekend in San Francisco where Chappelle was performing a show at the Chase Centre. As Chappelle was wrapping up his show, he turned to the crowd and announced “Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the richest man in the world.”

But it turns out, good readers, that the good folks of Silicon Valley – the heartland of start-ups and modern tech – don’t take kindly to billionaire blowhards who sack en masse their staff.

As Elon Musk took the stage, the initial greeting was mixed but it quickly went downhill. On Musk’s behalf, any time he tried to speak the boos just got louder and the 51-year-old was left standing there awkwardly, occasionally shuffling his feet.

In an attempt to regain the upperhand, Chappelle joked that it sounded like “some of the people you fired are in the audience”.

Despite the fact the event had a no-phone policy, some savvy individual was able to sneak one and capture the footage.

We have so many questions. Like, why did Chappelle invite him up? What did Musk thing was going to happen? He clearly thought he was about to get a hero’s welcome, coming out with his hands up and waving like a political candidate greeting their home town.

And even more terrifying – footage of the event that was originally shared across Twitter has vanished, as has the account that shared it.

At one point, it got so bad that Elon Musk turned to Chappelle and asked, “Dave, what shall I say?”

“Don’t say nothing,” Chappelle replied. “You hear that sound, Elon? That’s the sound of pending civil unrest.”

Or, that people just don’t have time douchebags anymore?