High school dropouts and PhD students alike, pay attention as Elon Musk has announced the hiring of a new team set to report directly to him. Like many affluent Americans, Twitter has become the platform and source  for big announcements – the latest being Elon Musk’s hiring notice. This week via social media, the Tesla CEO released an advertisement saying, “Join AI at Tesla! It reports directly to me & we meet/email/text almost every day. My actions, not just words, show how critically I view (benign) AI.”

“Tesla will soon have over a million connected vehicles worldwide with sensors & compute needed for full self-driving, which is orders of magnitude more than everyone else combined, giving you the best possible dataset to work with,” Musk explained on Twitter.

Naturally, the announcement was followed with witty remarks and questions which Musk happily replied. One user sarcastically asked, “Have I got time to get a quick PHD in AI in to secure an invite?” Fair question, but the response was not expected. According to the automotive wizard, a PhD isn’t required, even finishing high school is optional.

“A PhD is definitely not required. All that matters is a deep understanding of AI & ability to implement NNs in a way that is actually useful (latter point is what’s truly hard). Don’t care if you even graduated high school,” he replied.

However, you must be a “hardcore coder”, he continued on the thread. “Our NN is initially in Python for rapid iteration, then converted to C++/C/raw metal driver code for speed (important!). Also, tons of C++/C engineers needed for vehicle control & entire rest of car. Educational background is irrelevant, but all must pass hardcore coding test.”

So, high school or not, do you have what it takes? Head to Tesla for more information.