After 111 years, luxury Italian menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna has revealed a new identity, simplifying the company moniker to just Zegna along with a new-look, minimal logo.

A Zegna for the future. Image: Zegna

The launch coincides with two events – its IPO that comes out this month (and expected to land the company a clean US$2.5 Billion) and a capsule collection that takes the Italian clothier back to its heartland, the mountains. In particular, the road that Zegna’s founder built in Piedmont, Northern Italy and where the family home, mill and Oasi Zegna still operate today.

The Outdoor Capsule reinterprets the brand’s origins into a capsule designed to inspire adventure, and a return to nature. A motif that Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori has been slowly honing, giving the art of tailoring a more fluid feeling through the presence of active elements and technical apparel.

The Outdoor Capsule brings tailoring to the mountain. Image: Zegna

It many ways, it’s an homage to the ecological work and environmental activism that the Zegna family have worked at with their stewardship of the Oasi Zegna, a nature territory sprawling 100 km2, on what was once a near lifeless mountainside, establishing a legacy of environmental protection and sustainability and and ethical entrepreneurship that grew from an ethos of giving back.

Under the guiding hand of Sartori, Zegna’s direction for tailoring has become responsive to the world we live in.

The DNA remains the same, but the details have explored new boundaries of what elegance in menswear looks like, using the world’s finest wools such as Australian Merino to Vicuna from South America. One that is hybrid in nature, and each detail as tightly woven as the weft of a superfine Merino knit.

Technical and tailored now co-exist seamlessly. Image: Zegna

Zegna invited the expertise of key brands to ensure the collection was not just aeshtetically inspired, but functionally driven: Zegna with La Sportiva, Zegna with Zai, Zegna with KASK and Zegna with SIGG.

With La Sportiva, highly breathable Air-mesh uppers were developed for the trail running shoes, while the collaboration with KASK resulted in a new customised version of the iconic Piuma-R ski helmet for snow sports enthusiasts.

To complete the makeover of the company, a colourway insured by the ultrafine Vicuna – a rich, golden hue that immediately recalls the natural colour of the precious fibre.