There’s a good Fellr. Literally, though, Fellr seltzer is actually darn good and it’s exactly the kind of fizzy fun flavoured energy we’re taking into a weekend of staying home and doing the right thing by our fellow people.

Hailing from Sydney’s equally fizzy fun and flavoured beaches, Fellr ticks a lot of boxes for people who wanna havva grown-up drink or two but make it as wellness as possible. No sugar, all-natural, low-calories – Nadia Bartel probably even likes it.

A drink that meets your summer needs, Fellr seltzer. Image: Fellr

Founders Will Morgan and Andy Skora launched the brand in the thick of the shit first lockdown back in 2020. A gamble that the duo say was high risk but came with equally high reward as people looked for tasty new ways to pass the time.

Now we look back on it, it was a really strange experience launching a brand without leaving our apartments,” says Morgan “Saying that there were a few virtual high fives when we finally realised the brand had begun to be picked up by people outside our friend groups!”

“We had planned to launch with our Seltzer On-Tap from the outset,” adds Skora. “But with all bars and pubs being closed, this really cut out a strong trial channel for us. Couple this with no festivals or summer events and you have to get creative around how you actually get people trying your product in a hugely competitive environment.”

Fellers and Fellr founders Will Morgan and Andy Skora. Image: FEllr

Fellr’s take on the seltzer trend is to take the flavours of your childhood summer and make them grow up a little. Watermelon, lime and soda, dry and lime, and their latest trip down memory lane – passionfruit. But there’s a science to picking the kind of flavours that are going to hit the right sense of nostalgia while still being fresh for the market.

“[Picking flavours involves] a lot of drinking,” says Morgan. “But also a fair bit of data. We’re always out in market with our ears to the ground, pouring over data so we can see when flavours start to gain traction in the market.”

Seltzer’s moment has a refreshing one for those of us who want to shake it up a bit. Even as someone who relishes a good whiskey, can throw back beer like it’s gatorade and is fond of a riesling so sharp you can the metal, there are days when all you really want is a fizzy yum yum drink with a good buzz. Hence seltzer.

Fellr on chill for a weekend chilling. Image: Fellr

“Being one of the biggest pre-mix markets in the world for years, Aussie’s don’t mind an alco-pop,” says Morgan. “But even though there’s been thirst and love for pre-mixes here for a while, there’s always been a lack of authentic, local, independent brands that Aussie’s can relate to and be proud to share with their friends.” 

“The craft beer revolution really kicked this off in the beer category, setting it on a new trajectory,” adds Skora. “we saw it was only a matter of time before this transitioned across to craft pre-mix also. Couple this with the better-for-you trend taking over the market, with people looking for lower calories and lower sugar alternatives, and willing to pay a premium for it, there was a perfect storm brewing which would see this category really take off quickly!”

The new passionfruit Fellr seltzer is now on the shelf and ready to tingle your tastebuds and get your weekend sorted.