Energy efficient, safe and almost no training required, this is the future of flying. Introducing the BlackFly Car.

Founded in 2009 by Marcus Leng, the idea started out at as a simple concept and just over two years later, history was quietly made history near the small town of Warkworth, Ontario, Canada. On October 5, the first manned flight of a fixed wing all-electric VTOL aircraft was successful. Followed by the formation of a new company, the business relocated to Silicon Valley, California in 2014, to be known forth as “Opener”. For the past four years the BlackFly v2 saw developments and improvements, and in March of this year, saw a successful manned flight.

The electrical flying car boats triple-redundant flight controls, distributed, isolated battery cells, and features like cruise control and landing assist, meaning that the BlackFly is simple and intuitive to operate – only minimal training required. With on-the-ground functionality in mind, the storage format is only the size of a small-trailer, meaning it can be stored or transported nearly anywhere.

Opener hope to bring the BlackFly to the market next year, expected to be priced close to a well-equipped SUV. Following the same movement as uberAir, flying cars are only a matter of years away. The future is here people!