Calling all GIF enthusiasts and creators, the worlds largest search engine for GIFs, GIPHY, has announced the launch of a new film festival. Containing only the format, fans and creatives have been invited to submit films of 18 seconds or less.

According to the rules found on the GIPHY website, creators are invited to submit a maximum of three movies across the narrative, stop-motion, animated, experimental, or wildcard/other categories. Going for no longer than 18 seconds, the videos need to be looped, high definition, and in mp4 format with 16:9/1080p resolution. Sound is up to the decision of entrants, but the creators must be over 18, and be a US resident (sorry AUS).

GIPHY spokesperson Tiffany Vazquez told Quartz: “One of the biggest things to come out in recent years is Vine. People were telling stories and entertaining themselves in six seconds. There’s really no reason why filmmakers can’t give us compelling, entertaining, profound art within that amount of time, too.”

Entries are now open, and will close on September 27. The festival will open on November 8 in New York, with the winner awarded with $10,000 in prize money, a 5-year subscription to Squarespace, and the chance to guest curate an official Spotify playlist.

Get creative!