As the sun sank beneath the horizon, casting an ethereal, golden hue across the room, our enigmatic protagonist sat perched on the edge of his bed. His heart throbbed with a blend of thrill and anticipation. Tomorrow he would arrive in Cuba. What awaited, he wasn’t sure, and he couldn’t suppress the exhilaration coursing through his veins as he commenced his preparations.

Frederic Malle heaven can wait


He glanced at his arsenal of fragrances, each one a carefully chosen tool in his repertoire. From them, he selected the exquisite Heaven Can Wait by EDITIONS DE PARFUM FRÉDÉRIC MALLE. Selected for its subtle warmth, leather and alluring spices that would cloak his true intentions. It would serve as his olfactory chameleon, adept at concealing his identity and purpose as he ventured deeper into the labyrinthine world of espionage.

Turning his attention to his attire, his sartorial choices were nothing short of deliberate disguises. A sharply tailored VALENTINO Valentie black tie was the embodiment of suave sophistication, ideal for infiltrating high-society gatherings where concealed agendas thrived. Alongside it, a TOMMY HILFIGER x PENDLETON Valley Stripe Rugby Jumper, discreet in design yet indispensable for navigating Havana’s bustling streets unnoticed, a seemingly innocuous garment concealing a patterned tapestry of secrets.

His fingertips lingered upon a black suit, selected specifically for an impending rendezvous at a prestigious Cuban jazz club, a hub for discreet exchanges of information. And for moments demanding anonymity and a swift escape, he packed ZEGNA x ELDER STATESMAN grey Oasi cashmere cardigan, its fabric as soft as a Cuban breeze, affording him the unassuming demeanour of a local.

Amidst the facade of ordinary attire, he concealed a hidden compartment, guarding the Retinol Routine Booster by HYDROPEPTIDE—a diminutive yet indispensable tool for maintaining his facade in Cuba’s unforgiving climate.

As he meticulously secured his suitcase, he was acutely aware of the shroud of mystery enveloping his impending mission. With his wardrobe acting as a well-crafted disguise and his fragrances chosen with precise intent, he was poised to embark on his covert expedition into the heart of Cuba. Here, secrets would unfurl, alliances tested, and the fine line between covert operator and spectator blurred.