Credit: Getty Images

Considered inevitable for some time now, Jeff Bezos just broke the record as the worlds richest man in modern history. According to a report by Bloomberg, the Amazon CEO and founder cracked the $150 billion mark in New York on Monday, right on the eve of Prime Day.

No one man has been that rich since 1982, when Forbes started tracking the wealth of the worlds richest. In 1999, Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, hit the $100 billion mark, almost having a chance at the title, and still sits around that number today. In terms of inflation, Bezos has also topped the charts, with his net worth rising more than $45 billion in 2018 alone.

As the market closed on Monday, Bezos wealth dropped to $149.7 billion according to Forbes, due to a dip in Amazon shares, where he earns most of his wealth, with a company ownership of 16 percent.

His wealth is divided amongst his second company, Blue Origin, and ownership of Washington Post.