Jonah Hill has continued his reign as unassuming style lord in the most heartfelt way – matching red carpet outfits with girlfriend Sarah Brady at the premier for his new film Don’t Look Up.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady – power couple in a power suit. Image; Getty.

The duo’s powder blue Gucci suits were finished with identical satin slippers and because details matter even the grooming was similar. 

Seriously, if I did this with my partner we’d look like the twins out of The Shining. But when Jonah Hill does it, the world feels like a nicer place.

The couple weren’t the only ones sporting a look at the anticipated Don’t Look Up premiere: Kid Cudi turned up in fluffy slippers and Jennifer Lawrence was full baby bumpin’ in gold Dior, a maternity dress to end all maternity dresses.

This isn’t the first time the couple have sported a matchy-matchy fashion statement. The Wolf of Wall Street star has regularly posted on his Instagram candid shots of himself and Brady in full twinsies mode.

There’s been terry-towelling sets, a Minion number for Halloween and an el casual mint sweater number. 

But the most common feature the pair have rocked is looking genuinely happy. 

And honestly, that’s the most important accessory.

Hill’s shift from “everyteen” character to someone setting the sartorial agenda has been refreshing welcome in an industry of almost clone-like styling. (Yes I am aware of the irony of my statement but it stands.)

In part, Jonah Hill’s evolution has come about mostly because the actor himself has simply grown into a sense of style that works for him and it never feels like a branding exercise.

Hill’s combination of surf, skate and high end street became his signature look during 2018 but more recently it’s become more relaxed, more elevated.

These days, Hill’s wardrobe has the vibe of a Californian native from the late ‘80s – pastels, washed denim and bright prints. Right down to the sun-bleached blonde hair.

While column inches have been spent trying to advise men on the best or easiest ways to develop a distinct flair to their wardrobe, Hill’s simply let his own lifestyle and comfort dictate the choices.

To look like an absolute king on the red carpet, I guess all you really need is love. And two matching powder blue Gucci suits.