Justin Bieber Links Up With The Kid Laroi and Eddie Benjamin
Justin Bieber Links Up With The Kid Laroi and Eddie Benjamin

In the past six months, the wraps on both The Kid Laroi and Eddie Benjamin have catapulted the two Sydney teens into the limelight. But now, the musicians are set to enter a whole new hype level after being tapped on the shoulder by the current king of pop, Justin Bieber.

Earlier this week, Bieber snapped a picture of the trio and captioned it “Just a Canadian and a couple of Aussies.” As far as heavy-hitting endorsements come, being spotted with Bieber is up there.

The move fuels speculation that The Kid Laroi and Eddie Benjamin are set to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

Who Is The Kid Laroi?

Born and raised in Waterloo, NSW, The Kid Laroi (real name Charlton Kenneth Jeffery Howard) has been the subject of significant buzz, establishing himself as one of the hip-hop world’s hottest acts.

At just 17 years old, The Kid Laroi has a back catalogue of hit single including ‘Let Her Go,’ ‘Diva’ featuring Lil Tecca, ‘Go’ featuring his late mentor Juice WRLD.

This month, Laroi made history as the youngest Australian solo artist ever to reach No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Charts.

Who Is Eddie Benjamin?

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Eddie Benjamin, also from Sydney, has also become one of the most buzzed-about artists on the planet.

Originally part of the band Haze Trio, Benjamin started gaining traction online thanks to his catchy covers of famous songs. He then gained attention with his debut single Fuck my Friends.

Add to that a high profile friendship with Sia and an event higher profile relationship with Maddie Ziegler, and suddenly Eddie Benjamin was everywhere. Before long, Eddie caught the attention of Justin Bieber, who deigned the Sydneysider ‘the next generation.’

What now for The Kid Laroi and Eddie Benjamin?

The push to work with Justin Bieber has been a long time coming for The Kid Laroi, with the 17-yar-old recently admitting to Capital Breakfast that Justin had sent him a song.

“The other day, he FaceTime’d me, and he was like ‘I think I’ve got a song for us,” recalled Laroi.

Off the back of Bieber being pictured with The Kid Laroi and Eddie Benjamin, it seems that promise is set to become a reality, and the internet could barely contain itself.