CHICAGO – SEPTEMBER 23: SacSix’ ‘Kanye West’ mural, part of the B-Line Hubbard Street Murals Chicago Gallery Project, is displayed in the Fulton Market neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois on September 23, 2019. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Today is a sad day. I have a very vivid memory of my younger self dancing euphorically to Kanye West as he belted out his hit “Good Life” at Sydney’s Good Vibrations music festival in Centennial Park in 2008. The third single from his then third studio album Graduation was etched in my brain for years after – “Is the good life better than the life I live/When I thought that I was gonna go crazy” – and thankfully I did devour the moment because according to TMZ, the American rapper will never perform his past songs in their original form again.

Instead, he will reportedly replace some of the lyrics with G-rated, “family-friendly” words. Good God.

West dropped his ninth studio album, a gospel offering titled Jesus Is King, on Friday – and fans are not feeling so great about it. The 11-tracks clock in at 27 minutes. Yes, less than half an hour and you have listened to the entire album. “He’s making music for God and is a changed man,” reports a source to TMZ, noting West doesn’t need to impress critics anymore.

More note-worthy, however, is this interview West did with Big Boy just before the album dropped. It sits at 48 minutes long which is longer than the album in question. When Big Boy asks West what he thinks of turning his back on “Old Kanye” and not performing his back catalogue, West had some thoughts. “They made movies about Steve Jobs and you gotta understand who I am,” he says. “You don’t walk into an Apple shop and see an iPhone 4.”

Point taken. But can we imagine a life without Kanye West NEVER performing “Gold Digger”, “All Of The Lights”, “Stronger”, “Famous”, “Ni$$as In Paris”, “Dark Fantasy”, “Saint Pablo”… Come on, Man!