Found on high-rises, on clothing and as collectables, KAWS has infiltrated the art community with his famous bronze companions and after a bumper year of collaborations and exhibitions, the artist has taken new work to New York City. Shown at the Skarstedt Gallery, his new collection showcases paintings and sculptures.

Set in an elegant gallery synonymous with NYC architecture, never-before-seen abstract paintings are found throughout and highlight the Brooklyn-based artists masterful use of acrylic. Accompanying the paintings is the iconic grey-scale companion as well as his blue BFF. In keeping with the title, the blue BFF can be seen laying “gone”, in his arms.

Surrounding the theme of loss, his works have been likened by critics Michelangelo’s Pieta.

“I wasn’t looking at Michaelangelo or that sculpture when creating it. I wanted to make something that really felt like loss,” Brian “KAWS” Donelly told Vanity Fair, breaking down his latest venture and creation.

KAWS’ “GONE” exhibition will be available to view until December 19. Check out the preview above, before stopping by.

Skarstedt Gallery
20 E 79th St.
New York, NY 10075