At the time, the infamous and iconic Nirvana was playing to a record crowd of 1,500 people on September 22, 1990 in Seattle. During the show, in front of the Motorsports International Garage Show, Kurt Cobain smashed his favourite guitar on the pavement. Almost 30 years later, the Aria Pro II Cardina is up for auction.

The wreckage left of the guitar was picked up by Richard Newland, a security guard working at the show and has been kept in the same condition since. Featuring the remnants of both guitar strings and the bridge, “Nirvana” carved into what’s left of the neck, and the instrument’s serial number on the neck plate, the small piece of the grunge rock era is up for grabs to the highest bidder – being $32,500 so far.

If you feel like a restoration job and owning a piece of music history, the guitar is still up for auction here.