Once again LEGO is proving why they’re the best in the toy realm. If you thought you’d seen everything from the building block experts, you’d be wrong, as a skilled team for the company replicated a $3 million Bugatti Chiron. Building a 1:1 LEGO Technic replica, the car is not only life-size but can even be driven.

Made from over 1 million LEGO Technic pieces, the car took over 13,438 hours to develop, with even the engine created from the tiny pieces – without any glue. Unlike the original German race car, the LEGO equivalent reaches a top speed of 13mph, which is a massive achievement in itself.

According to TechCrunchthe initial idea came in June 2017, with construction commencing in March of this year. The LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron will be unveiled at Monza in Italy on August 30 ahead of the Italian Formula One Grand Prix.

Driven by the OG Bugatti test-driver, Andy Wallace, you can check out the car in action below. Strap on your seat belts.