Mercedes Benz not only produces luxury cars, but one of the best known people movers for over 20 years, the Sprinter. Now, the automotive company is looking to reinvent its famous model for a more efficient future. Introducing the Mercedes Vision Urbanetic Concept.

What makes this model different (other than its somewhat bizarre exterior) is its ability to swap “pods”, allowing for either passengers or cargo. An autonomous and electrical chassis the model is designed to be an all-in-one technology design for efficiency and money saving. Put onto the core of a Fiebertraum, the cargo module for the Urbanetic can hold roughly 350 350 cubic feet or 10 European-spec pallets, with the passenger module created at a capacity of 12 people – like the original Sprinter.

The concept vehicle also has safety features including a display on the front of the vehicle that communicates with pedestrians (I’ve stopped, it’s safe to cross) and is fully electric, so doesn’t produce fuel emissions.

“It envisages transporting more people and goods with fewer vehicles on a virtually unchanged roads infrastructure in order to relieve inner cities and, at the same time, fulfil continually growing mobility requirements and customer desires,” according to a press release.

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