In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, Mulberry had embarked on a mission to reimagine fashion’s future. The iconic British brand has partnered with visionary designer Stefan Cooke to launch a collection of pre-loved pieces sourced from Mulberry’s circularity programme.

Part of the Mulberry Editions series, the new collaboration will see Stefan Cooke co-founders Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt turn their eye and craft-led practice on to 27 pre-loved bags. Part of this lineup will also include the Bayswater, now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Utilising deadstock leathers, these painstaking techniques translate four of Stefan Cooke’s design codes for the collection: Bows, Swing, Braid, and Slash along with Cooke’s signature embellishments including jumbo tassels made from upcycled rugby shirts, chunky button straps, and archival Mulberry print silk scarf straps.

The Mulberry Pre-Loved Pop-Up launch not only celebrated creative innovation but also addressed the pressing need for sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Attendees marvelled at the intricate craftsmanship on display, appreciating how luxury and environmental responsibility could coexist harmoniously.

On the collaboration, Mulberry’s CEO, Thierry Andretta says “Mulberry’s circularity programme is fundamental to our Made to Last strategy, and Stefan and Jake’s innovative approach to design and repurposing makes them a truly exciting partner. Together we have crafted a collection which celebrates creativity and progressive British craftsmanship with circularity at its heart.”

As the evening drew to a close, guests left with a profound sense of awe and inspiration. The Mulberry x Stefan Cooke collaboration was a testament to the power of fashion to transcend mere clothing and become an agent of change. It marked the dawn of a new era in luxury fashion, where pre-loved and sustainable were synonymous with style and sophistication.


In the heart of London’s fashion district, an exciting revolution has begun, proving that creativity, sustainability, and luxury could indeed coexist harmoniously. The Mulberry Editions series is not just a collection; it is a statement of purpose – a reminder that fashion could change the world, one beautifully crafted piece at a time.