Credit: OMNIA

The sun sets on OMNIA, its giant crystalised, cube shaped installation flickering in the changing light of
the evening sky. Pinks, whites and yellows reflect in its grandeur as revellers experience it in real time, capturing every Instagrammable colour change. Beats play, drinks flow and guests party. This is what happens when Vegas comes to Bali.

OMNIA Bali is the latest from American nightclub juggernaut Hakkasan Group; the tropical, daytime sister to their famed Caesars Palace nightclub of the same name. And just like Las Vegas, Omnia Bali is set on impressively ostentatious grounds, with impeccable service catering to the every whim of its guests. But these grounds were special from the outset. The dayclub, which opened earlier this year, is built into the jaw- dropping limestone cliffs of Uluwatu on Bali’s southern tip. In other words the panoramic views from OMNIA’s pools, bars, private cabanas and just about everywhere else are of uninterrupted ocean to sky.

Day clubs have become something of a common phenomenon in Bali’s Uluwatu region of late. The combination of exclusive resorts, high-end restaurants and international clubs has seen this spot evolve into a major scene for the scene-loving crowd. So, when time came for Hakkasan to open here, they knew they needed design with an edge. They enlisted the expertise of Singapore-based property practice WOHA for its dedication to primary conservation and US powerhouse architectural firm The Rockwell Group for its award-winning modern design. And the result is this; a sensational location, luxurious amenities and a magnificent design centrepiece that anchors the club’s entire aesthetic. OMNIA’s conspicuous silver cube, created from custom glass beads and mirrored steel, hovers above an open bar and lounge that, in a feat of seemingly magical engineering, is suspended above the 100-metre cliff drop below.

The giant crystallised cube that sits above OMNIA’s spectacular cliff-side location in Bali’s Uluwatu region / Credit: OMNIA

But, of course, an experience like this comes at a price. At the very top end, private cabanas can be upwards of AU$10,000 per day. Yes, per day. This means butlers, endless cocktails, daybeds and private plunge pools, but mostly it means VIP access to international DJ headliners that so far has included Zedd, Marshmallow and Kygo. The worldwide connections of the Hakkasan Group means access to the most in-demand names of the dance-music scene.

Above the pool and up an incredible, grand staircase is Sake No Hana, an open-air modern-Japanese restaurant and the sister to that of the same name in London. Next door is Uluwatu’s The Ungasan resort, a five-star resort home to palatial villas overlooking the same dramatic cliffs and endless ocean. So should an OMNIA session be one part of an extended heavenly holiday, it’s comforting to know that opulent accommodation is just a stone’s throw away.

From the air, OMNIA appears so graphic, so monumental that it could be Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon: a giant spaceship topped by a glittering, cubic control tower that has landed precariously on the hills of an lush, intergalactic land. A spaceship that Bali party-goers are queuing to enter, thirsty to be beamed into an otherworldly afternoon of unparalleled partying on exclusive planet OMNIA.