Red carpet and memeable king Oscar Isaac has given the world another moment to remember by turning up to the London premier of Moon Knight in the Thom Browne blazer-skirt combo from their FW21 collection.

Working with stylist Michael Fisher, the actor chose to go monochromatic grey with black Thom Browne socks and boots. The fit was sharp, the skirt the right length and even Isaac’s co-star for the new MCU instalment, Ethan Hawke, seemed to be a fan of the outfit.

It’s also marks the second time that Isaac has donned the kilt, having worn it to the Berlin premier paired with a leather jacket. Menswear’s answer to the Miu Miu mini perhaps? It’s already had a viral experience when the original was worn by Stranger Things star David Harbour and paid tribute to American pastural art including Grant Wood’s infamously eerie 1930 painting American Gothic.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 17: Oscar Isaac attends the “Moon Knight” Premiere at The British Museum on March 17, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Suitably, Twitter and fans of both the Moon Knight series and the actor’s, ahem, body of work have gone into a spiral of appreciation. And yes, the man looked good. And yes, a man wearing a skirt – or kilt – shouldn’t be a headlining story because they’re just clothes. But the praise being heaped on Isaac for pulling off this wardrobe heist feels a little one-sided. That is – the fawning of a straight man wearing a skirt seems fall short when it’s done by an openly gay, or flamboyant, man.

Lil Nas X. Billy Porter. Sylvester. Daniel Levy. Hamish Bowles. The reception when these queer men deliver the same fashion offering is distinctly different.

When Lil Nas X wore a gown to the MTV VMA Awards he became the subject of homophobic memes attempting to criticise his involvement in the rap industry. To his credit, Nas X’s Twitter game is on average four steps ahead of everyone else and mopped the floor with their attempts to shit on his outfit.


Perhaps the best revenge was that he took home the night’s most coveted award, Video the Year, for his hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name).



This isn’t to say that only queer men should be allowed to wear certain kinds of fashion – just the opposite in fact. Any man, no matter their sexuality, should be free to rock a frock without criticism. And frankly, more should start doing it if they even look half as good as Isaac, Lil Nas X or even Vin Diesel.