Credit: Joe Maher/WireImage

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or any superhero film for that matter – you’d agree that the dream to be met with Samuel L. Jackson aka Nick Fury every time the world is in peril, is real. Monotone, sarcastic but absolutely legendary, you can now live the fantasy of being woken up and delivered the news – hell, even have the television turned on – by the film star, thanks to Amazon.

Amazon’s wildly popular virtual assistant Alexa has become a sensation and now, Samuel L. Jackson’s voice will be added to the tech service as an alternative option. Using neural text-to-speech software, Amazon is able mimic real human voices, including celebrities and is unlike any other version. The software doesn’t rely on pre-recorded phrases, instead deep learning techniques.

To make the experience super authentic, the additional option will be made available in a clean and explicit version so Jackson can curse at you, anytime you please. Ah, what a time to be alive. Launching later this year, it will cost you a “special price” of $0.99 in 2019 before it is raised to a cool $4.99 after that period.

How’s that for making a profit. Nevertheless, you best believe we will be opting in. Thank you Amazon, thank you.