This is what an Airbnb in Finland looks like. Situated on the Lucky Ranch in the Pelkosenniemi region of Finland is the latest in overnight stays and if you’re will to brave the cold, its an experience worth putting on the bucket list. Built new every winter, you can experience the spectacular Northern Lights in an entirely new fashion.

Run by a small family business, Snow Igloo is a unique experience. With snow-packed igloos constructed ever year, each space houses up to four people and complete with a bed, sleeping bag and additional furniture it gives new meaning to an Airbnb. With a warm apartment including a kitchen and shower just a short distance away, anyone with cold feet (literally) can opt out while still taking in the scenery.

With a range of unique activities as well as a ski resort nearby, its a great pick for anyone looking for adventure.

To book your stay at the Lucky Ranch Snow Igloos, visit here.