The current trend for high-power collaborations doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon with Tiffany & Co announcing they’ve joined forces with streetwear giant Supreme.

Dubbed “Return to Tiffany®” the collection will be inspired by original designs from the 1960s – engraved with the iconic “Please Return To” but with a twist. Instead of the familiar Tiffany & Co New York detail, it now says Supreme.

The collaboration is a selection of key Tiffany pieces that are a mainstay for the brand along with some new urban additions a la Supreme – a Heart Tag Pendant, Heart Tag Stud earrings, a Star Bracelet, Heart Knife Key Ring (literally, a heart-shaped keyring that has a knife on the end), Oval Tag Keyring and an accompanying T-shirt.

A personal favourite is the Oval Tag Pearl Necklace – a nice nod to the old world glamour that Tiffany & Co. carries and seen sported by team rider Sean Pablo who rocked the piece on the brand’s Instagram.


Surprised? Some people seem to be. But they’re probably the same people that continually misconstrue the real implications of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in her tiara, some pearls and a breakfast Danish. (Hint – girlfriend was actually making her way home from the night before. Walk of zero shame and honestly, same.)

Tiffany & Co. has always entwined the contemporary and cutting edge within its designs.  Just take a look at their back catalogue of work byElsa Peretti with its groundbreaking exploration of organic shape and space.

Then there’s also the fact that Tiffany & Co. is now part of LVMH. The parent company has a longstanding relationship with Supreme, who seems to be their go-to when it comes to firing up interest in the youth markets.

While at Louis Vuitton, Kim Jones tapped Supreme for a line of monogrammed red skate gear. And then it was Rimowa that launched a line of Supreme-inspired luggage.

And the truth is – it works. Both collections sold out in seconds and went on to become coveted resale goods.

The Supreme x Tiffany & Co collaboration will be up to purchase from the Supreme website on November 11.