You might have heard about the brand Oura Ring and its stylish jewellery staple that many have taken to wearing on the daily, from celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Will Smith to professional athletes like, well, the entire NBA league. But more than just a simple jewellery statement, this small device packs with an abundance of fitness and wellness features that promise to help you live a healthier life. And now Gucci is jumping on the hype train.

Well, sort of. As of yesterday, the wildly-popular collaboration between Gucci and Oura, which was first unveiled earlier this year, has been restocked, bringing together the worlds of luxury high-fashion and fitness in a state-of-the-art ring that measures your health data.

So, what makes the Oura Ring so special?

Oura was founded in Finland with a singular focus: to improve the way individuals live their lives by incorporating health as a daily practice. One way to do this is through harnessing wearable tools, like a ring, to give wearers the understanding and tools to practice their health through continuous access to accurate information and personalised guidance.

Essentially, the Oura Ring is a personalised health tool that tracks your sleep patterns, monitors your heart rate, tracks your daily activities, monitors illness and above all, provides real-time insights tailored to your personal health.

The Oura Ring, which is no bigger than the average ring but significantly lighter, uses state-of-the-art heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), temperature, activity, and sleep monitoring technology to deliver these personalised sleep and health insights straight from your body. Then, through use of the Oura App, you’re able to optimise your daily routines and ask yourself key questions about your health.

Now, the Gucci x Oura Ring collaboration takes things to the next level by paying tribute to the Gucci brand’s renowned monogram with an exclusive, limited-edition ring that is finished in 18kt yellow gold and framed by braided torchon detailing around the band. Crafted in titanium and weighing just four grams, the ring is also equipped with Oura’s latest Gen 3 technology which includes research-grade sensors and components tracking key body signals.

The ring, which also includes an Oura membership, will encourage its wearer to hit three daily scores for Sleep, Readiness and Activity, metrics you can view within the Gucci x Oura app. The app also includes access to a curated library of guided audio sessions with meditations, sleep sounds, breath work and other programming to support the wearer on their wellness journey.

“Oura has always held a firm belief that wearables can be both innovative and stylish,” said Michael Chapp, Oura’s Chief Operations Officer.

“As a health and wellness platform at our core, we recognize that what you wear also impacts how you feel. Oura’s ring form factor has consistently set us apart in biometric accuracy, comfort, and style, and with the Gucci x Oura Ring, we’ve brought fashion and function even closer together.”

Honestly, it’s sleek, stylish and unmistakably Gucci, which we really love; if you’re going to dedicate yourself to wearing a $1,500 health-tracking device, better make it Gucci!

The Gucci x Oura Ring is now re-stocked and available for a limited time at and in select stores around the world. The Gucci x Oura  Ring is priced at $1,590 and includes a Lifetime Oura Membership.