New York jewellery house Tiffany & Co has just announced perhaps the most unexpected of collaborations with the launch of NFTiff – an integration of NFT art, blockchain technology and luxury jewellery.

Created in partnership with blockchain innovators Chain the NFTiff is essentially an NFT in physical form, right down to the adjustable chain composed of rectangular links that draw inspiration from the shape of square pixels. Designed exclusively for CrytpoPunks holders, the NFTiff, owners of the NFTiff pass holder will have the exclusive opportunity to mint a custom Tiffany & Co. pendant inspired by a CryptoPunk creation. They’ll also receive a digital render of the pendant as a NFT and a certificate of authenticity.

The NFTiff pendant. Image: Tiffany & Co

To bring the jewellery side of the collaboration to life, artisans at Tiffany & Co will transform your individual CryptoPunks artwork into custom-designed pendants. Pulling from the 87 attributes and 159 colours that are used throughout the entire body of of 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs they will then match a gemstone or enamel colour that is most similar. At least 30 gemstones, including diamonds, will be used to create your custom design to achieve the highest fidelity to the original NFT artwork.

Each 18k rose or yellow gold pendant will available on an adjustable chain between 18–22 inches, and on the back of the pendant will be engraved with its CryptoPunks edition number.

On the back you will have a unique serial number. Image: Tiffany & Co

While the classic image of Tiffany & Co might be the diamond ring encased within the signature blue box, the New York brand has just as much been a patron of the avant garde within the art of jewellery. Most recently, the brand worked with American artist Daniel Arsham, who transformed the iconic blue box into a future piece of archeology, eroded with exposed bronze.

Their collections with artisans such as the late Elsa Peretti who created the iconic bottle jug charm, the graphic collection made with Frank Gehry and of course the collaboration with the estate of Jean Michel Basquiat.

The NFTiff will be available from Friday, August 5  through Tiffany & Co’s online NFTiff gateway. The price will be 30 ETH. Estimated arrival for your NFT will be December, 2022 while the pendant is slated to arrive in early 2023.