The trailer for Dune 2, the second instalment of Denis Villeneuve’s epic Dune series, is here and first impressions are: Timothée Chalamet rides a worm, Austin Butler  looks like an ugly Casper the Friendly Ghost and Zendaya is finally getting more screen time.

Dune 2, Dune, Timothée Chalamet
Image: IMDB


The second chapter in the movie series based on Frank Herbert’s books has been hotly anticipated after the first movie received critical and commercial success. It’s rich visual landscapes were a stunning adaptation of the stories.

Dune 2 picks up where Dune left off – Chalamet’s Paul Atreides and his Bene Gesserit mother the Lady Jessica (played by Rebecca Ferguson) in hiding with the Fremen after the Harkonnens killed his father on the Emperor’s orders.

Zendaya, who plays one of the Fremen Chani and love interest to Paul, is also going to be given more than just a minute on screen this time.

Dune 2, Dune, Austin Butler
Image: IMDB

Fans of the actress, rightfully so, pointed out that in the first Dune, Zendaya’s presence was more perfume commercial than actual role. Lot’s of floaty chiffon, longing looks and landscapes. Now, we finally get to see what Chani guide Paul to his worm-riding destiny.

No small part of the buzz surrounding the film comes from the which has amassed more current It actors than the recent Met Gala red carpet. Joining Chalamet and Zendaya is Elvis star Austin Butler, who is almost unrecognisable with chalked out makeup and bald head; Florence Pugh, who plays another Bene Gesserit and the daughter of the Emperor; and Christopher Walken as the Emperor.

Dune 2, Dune, Florence Pugh
Image: IMDB

Dune 2 is set to arrive in cinemas the first week of November.