On any given day, you can find Jono Friend trudging through Sydney’s trendy eastern suburbs, storming the streets of London or catching waves in Bali. His knack for effortless style, however, remains constant. Behind the namesake streetwear label @DearFriend, the model and content producer is leading Australia’s style scene. For the creative, he describes his style as “skate” and “sometimes a little bit extra”. There’s no one else who can pull off a leopard vest quite like Jono.

His inspiration is drawn from London’s gritty skate scene, but when it comes to the ‘gram, you can expect him stalking the likes of @pauseonline, @asaprocky and Tyler The Creator’s celebrated fashion giant @golfwang. The result? Punchy prints, trending silhouettes and nostalgic fits. Jono Friend takes over the ICON User Manual as we peek into his Instagram feed.


Hidden in the backstreets of central London, you can find today’s generation of hip, forward-thinking youth dressed to the nines. Whether it is their nonchalant attitude, impeccable eye for interesting kicks  or affinity for relaxed silhouettes, Millennials are well and truly taking over the style sphere. Fear not however if you posses two left feet when it comes to riding a deck because the style can easily be translated for everyday wear.

Step one: a pair of bold sneakers, the more worn, the better. Step two: a pair of long line shorts. And for good measure a vest doesn’t go astray this season.

Search Instagram for the following hashtags: #skateshop, #sneakerhub or #londonstyle

Where Tyler the Creator goes, his eponymous streetwear label follows. Established in 2011, the American rapper looked to translate his own subversive style into pieces, made available for his music and style fans. Naturally and thanks to his booming following on Instagram the label took off and now counts collaborative projects with the likes of Lacoste. Fusing ’50s style cues with today’s skate scene, its seemingly confused combination just makes sense.

To describe the epitome of the ‘street’ would be to mention A$AP Rocky. While he appears to be drawn to controversy, his edgy presence and vernacular for hip hop sounds has garnered the 31-year-old a career in the spotlight not only within music, but dabbling in fashion. It is rare not to see Rocky donning a bright hoodie, reflective tracksuit pants or cult sneakers and if he isn’t, he’s most likely stripping down to face the latest campaign from Calvin Klein.

Evan Mock burst onto the scene after his bright pink buzz cut caught the attention of Frank Ocean. Since then, his following boomed and the unlikely influencer signed to IMG. “I’m not exactly sure what I do either”, reads his Instagram bio and with a long list of talents including skateboarding, photography and walking for the likes of Louis Vuitton, we don’t blame the 21-year-old for dismissing a specific title. His feed is a multitude of personal style and reposted inspiration, meaning a glance at his account is all you need to cop some skate inspo.


Since 2017, the printed shirt – be it a Hawaiian or Cuban style – has taken over menswear on and off the runway. With the ability to be worn on its own, open or layered over knitwear, the printed shirt has become a year-round staple and a go-to look when it comes to streetwear. For a trending take on the piece, pair bold prints with tonal colours and layer over a turtle neck during the cold seasons. For something low-key or for the beginner, try basic pieces with more subtle print.

Search Instagram for the following hashtags: #printedshirts, #menaboutfashion, or #latesttrends

Somewhere in the corner of Thrissur, India, a self-dubbed Denim Street is delivering an array of printed shirts and distressed denim. While the social media outpost is the only port of call to cop the pieces, it is an insight into easy styling. Bright choices are paired with black denim and muted hues of colour, aptly finished off with court sneakers.

Soon after the days of souvenir shirts – though  not at all ironic –  two Australian graphic designers were planning the revival of the century. Now, Toby and Mikey of Double Rainbouu could be considered the godfathers of the modern Hawaiian shirt. Each artwork is unique and fusing an essence of the Australian beach life and discotheque design cues, the little know start up erupted into a cultural phenomenon.

It is perhaps the first house you think of when it comes to the printed shirt. Launching the crisp style into the mainstream sphere, Prada is undoubtedly to hallmark fo the trend revival. Fusing Japanese cartoon with strong clashes of colour as well as its most popular flame motif, the luxury iteration can be spotted a mile away though adds instant ‘cool’ factor.

For more inspiration, direct from Jono Friend, check out his Instagram here. And hit your own explore page to influence your revived street kit.