Technology has become increasingly advanced in the past two decades and although our quest continues to out-do previous advancements, a select few are looking back to retro design. Previously creating a standard three-wheeler, the team at Vanderhall have produced a single-seat rendition.

Coined the “Venice Speedster”, the latest model comes in a silver and brown leather colour version. Where the passenger seat was once placed, a composite panel with strakes covers the space, giving the simple, classic lines of the Venice even more streamline appeal. The car features a slightly taller acero piece which is placed in the driver’s headrest, and like the original Venice, is engineered with a 180 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and sequential manual transmission.

Beginning production at the end of 2018, the car is expected to retail for $26,950 USD. To reserve your own and be the first to experience the Speedster, you can put down a deposit here.