Cardi B For President?!

Vote 1 for the Cardi Party

Trump’s Stark Warning: “If you value your own life, you will not threaten the lives of our people.”

The US President responds to the missile strikes of US Military Bases in Iraq as fears are sparked over World War III

#DearYourMajesty… Australia Calls On Queen Elizabeth To Fire The Prime Minister

"Your Majesty, you fired Gough Whitlam for less than that."

And for only the third time in history, Donald Trump has officially been impeached

Two articles have been passed and now, the President of the United States will face the Senate

‘Tis the season for an impeachment inquiry

And Stephen Colbert is decorating the tree

El Paso blame President Donald Trump for recent massacre

In the wake of this week's devastating mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, residents of the town peacefully protested amongst the streets for policy change