Credit: Instagram @2chainz

His fourth studio album and a follow up of his 2017 Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album, over the weekend 2 Chainz dropped Rap Or Go To The League. Teeming with collaborations from the likes of Ariana Grande, Travis Scott and Lil Wayne, it was his track with Chance the Rapper that has fans and music experts talking. Dubbed ‘I’m Not Crazy, Life Is’, the rap duo depicted what its like to live in a Trump-ruled America.

Like that of the Grammy-award winning ‘This Is America’ from Childish Gambino, the artist hailing from Georgia is using his platform to make a political statement. While Donald Trump is the catalyst in the upheaval of the American government, the people of the country appear to cop the blame and in this new track, 2 Chainz and Chance the Rapper are speaking out.

“Wore guns in dungarees next to a pack of gum
Unfit mothers that’s on that butter, concrete gutter
Wanna hear that gun talk, that Draco stutter
This the life I chose, and it chose me back
They threw me out to the wolves, the wolves threw me back”

Unlike Gambino’s 2018 track, the single is backed by a calmer instrumental and depicts a less-angry view, and is rather, more diplomatic. The 41-year-old is known to approach issues this way and the tone of the track is being likened to his live interview with Nancy Grace back in 2015.

Further in ‘I’m Not Crazy, Life Is’, Chainz and Chance go on to speak on modern society as a whole, suggesting that it might just be normal to be crazy in this Trump-ruled age. Its a unique perspective on America but nevertheless is truthful and thought-provoking.

“They say that I’m crazy now
They said I was crazy then
They like, “Look at that crazy man”
They say, “Look at that crazy man””

Tune into the full album below for more fresh beats.